SHANDONG HEZE POKER PRINTING FACTORY is located in SHANDONG HEZE (anciently in name of CAOZHOU) ! the hometown of national peony flower, where bounding four provinces of SHANDONG, HENAN, JIANGSU and ANHUI, jointing the JINGJIU and XINSHI railways, enjoying very convenient traffic condition, it has developed as the largest one of poker producing base in north China. Our introduced producing lines including key machines of HEIDEBERG, MAN.ROLAND, BEIREN.4COLOURS, DOUBLE CCOLOUR GLUE PRINTER; poker as our main products cover gift poker and advertising poker in exquisite quality, delicate design and gently luster, they are well accepted by our customers. Our R&D system can develop any designs as you required by new product conception and demonstrating skill to create the best effect of advertise; we have provided our products to our customers all around China, and exported to about 24 countries such as USA, FRANCE, U.K., RUSSIA, SWEDEN, CZECH and others south-east countries.

Recently advertising & gifting poker have been extensively used for the promotion of product, acknowledge of policy and regulation, featuring huge information content, large advertising area, delicate printing and low cost, achieving the best image for your company.

Advertising poker!serving for cigarette & wine, food, communication, bank, insurance, agriculture, factory, appliance, estate and government, serving poker!serving YIDONG, LIANTONG, tsingdao beer, haier, hisesen, koja, wanlida VCD, meidi, xinfei, lifan, dayang, qingqi, qianjing motor, hongxibao cegaret, baxi, hongqiqu, baixiang, shuanhui, kongfu jia, nanjie village, shao¨ang wine, jinliufu, xiyangpai, luxi poly fertilizer, pesticide, oil, minerals, traffic etc.;

Poker for advertising, low cost to achieve best effect;

Computer design-carving-sample-four colour printing- full service

Introduced machines like electric separating machine from U.K, 12 apple computers from U.S.A, copying machines from Germany, sampling machine from JAPAN will in combination work out best accurate productions.

Full ranges of advertising poker, marketing poker and educating poker are full quality guaranteed;

Scope for colour packing & printing service:

Various printing, filming, wine carton, wine box, label, bag, adverting brochure, arts carton, pesticide carton, food carton etc.;

Plastic printing ( concaving type ),wine carton & box, poly plastic colour bag, vacuum aluminum bag etc.;

Professional packing for wine, cigarette, tea, gold card, silver card,

Welcome friends from every circle for business cooperation and create splendid future.