There is a long history of poker,Collection in America and Europe,even in the 15th centrury,------Person all as well as the public.sone museums take poker picture as a part of painting colleetions more than 3000 deeks of poker,the printed paper which was not cut and the xylograph,these collections were ouned by Mellbott and Marry carrie,they ---them to Mmerica Yale Vniversity when they died in 1967.There are two poker collection commitecs,some of the members collect poker,but others only collect the back side of it. Housman,an American, has collected more than 3,000 decks of poker and puplished "American Poker Encyclopaedie".

America set up a poker museum in cmcmnat; of --- in 1984.and stoued -- thousand decks of poker and 70 thousand which are not integrative.It is said it is the largest collection site of poker in the world.some of the oldest and the most valuable poker are collected in morgan museum in NewYork.poker collections also take place in the Notional Library on paris, and two sites in England,the great England Museum and the Gilld Hall,so do vienna,nuremberg,dresden,Munich,and Buelapest.Augsburg city in German is well known as "poker city" for poker production.poker Museum and poker France also stand there.The first poker Museum in gave its opening ceremony on 17th Dec.1999.It situates in-----of the souehern Paris It is rich or 8,500 set of collections,mcluding 5,000 sets of poker, 800 pieces of printing plate,drawinigs and acher is ement, about 1,000 set of other things in relation to poker,The mose valuable collection is "Farrari car" painted with --- produced in 15th centrury.they goe it on the oction at the price of 750 thousand franc in 1967.And theothers are as follows, the best painting of manufactual in dustry in paris in 16th centrury.a typeset table in 17th centrury,the only existing luxury copy.of 1967,and two sets of poker prineed with 4 suits of ballet fashion. The building melt the figure of the crowning building in 17th centrury with the contompory burlding.It costs 59 million 42% of it coming from the goverment,the lefe settled by the local government themselves.

poker collections in china has come through sevoral decades of year. The collection of poker has appeared ewon in the Puplic chin a and been enjoyed by several generations.Most of the poker collection fans of China are in shanghai beijing and so on.Many of them has collected more then one chousand sets of playing card,and somc people have more than three thousand set, even people ever took the poker exhibition.